So I was at one of the local Antique / Consignment shops. And I saw a shelf that was really really messed up , no it wasn't antique , vintage at best but I need proper shelf for my collectables room and I knew she could be saved.

So this Instructable is just to show people how they can save a piece of furniture rather than junk it. I highly doubt  this would work on laminated MDF crap furniture, but if it is real wood it will. If you have particle board furniture consider breaking it down and using the almost wood for an indoor project.

Either way this is almost as good as bringing a Puppy home from the Shelter

NOTE: Saving a Puppy's Life is more Important!

Step 1: Supplies

Now this piece, like a lot of older used furniture will have scratches and nicks that we want to try to hide or at least make them less noticeable and darker than the wood itself. Much like an old school desk , although I don't know if kids even know what a wooden school desk looks like any more.

Stain ( your preference, I used MINWAX Old American )
Foam brush ( By packs of them at the Dollar Store or HF for like a $1 )
Latex Gloves ( preferably non powdered ) I think a Box is like $7 more for Nitrile if you you are allergic to Latex
Safety Glasses ( Always use Proper PPE! )
Rags or Ripped up T-Shirts
Scott's Liquid Gold for final cleaning a day or two after stain technique

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