Introduction: Saving a New Waypoint on IPhone

Are you trying to find caches on your iPhone, but can't figure out how to navigate to the final of a puzzle or need to see where the Trail head to a cache is. Look no further, this instructable will guide you thru this process.

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Step 1: Find the Cache You Want to Locate

Step 2: Click on "Navigate to Geocache"

Step 3: Click the "..." at the Top Right Corner

Then click "Add Waypoint"

Step 4: Edit the Name of Your New Waypoint

Step 5: Change the Co-ords to Where You Need to Go!!

The co-ords that come up will be where you are at the moment

Step 6: Your New Waypoint Will Show As a Flag

Step 7: Click on the Flag

Step 8: Click "Set As Target"

You can also delete or edit your new waypoint

Step 9: You Are Now Navigating to Your "New Co-ords"

You can add as many new waypoints as you need

Have Fun Caching



trailogy (author)2015-02-16

This is awesome and it's nice to see other people on instructables geocaching! Cheers!


Magicman65 (author)trailogy2015-02-17

Thanx Trailtrekr

Hope this helps others!!

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2015-02-15

This information is great, and so useful when geo caching! Welcome to instructables, hope we get to see more from you!


Hope to put up some more instructables.

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