Introduction: Savory and Spicy Dates Tamarind Dip

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-Dates are packed with nutrients and has many health benefits.On otherhand tamarind with its tangy sour taste when combined with dates which is a natural sweetner along with hot spices you can make a delicious dip which can be accompained with all chat items like samosa,panipuri,bhelpuri,pakodas

- You can also use them as dipping sauce with nachos


-1/4 cup tamarind soaked in 1/4 cup water

-1 cup deseeded dates soaked in half cup water

-Half cup water

-1/4 tsp coriander powder

-1 tsp red chilli powder

-1/4 tsp cumin powder

-1/4 tsp ginger powder

-Black salt as per taste.

Step 1: Soaking and Microwave

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-First step is to soak 1/4 cup tamarind in 1/4 cup water and microwave for few seconds.Even soak one cup dates in half cup water and microwave for few seconds.

-Extract juice from tamarind and transfer to blender. Even transfer microwaved date pieces to blender after cooling them.

Step 2: Add Spices:

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-Add red chilli powder and coriander powder to extracted tamarind juice and date pieces in blender.

Step 3: Add Remaining Spices

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-Add remaining spices ginger powder,cumin powder and black salt as per taste.

Step 4: Blending

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-Blend the above dates tamarind mixture to smooth paste.

Step 5: Transfer Blended Paste to Sauce Pan

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-Now transfer blended paste to sauce pan.Add half cup of water and bring the mixture to boil for 10 to 15 minutes on medium heat until it becomes thick and pulpy

-cool and store in airtight container.Make the consistency thin or thick as per your choice.


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