Savoy cabbage   is tender and sweet tasting.It is  high in vitamin K, vitamin C and fiber.I love this cabbage and here is a nice savoy cabbage pie receipe I would like to share with all.
This has to be SERVED  HOT

Step 1: Indredients

For the crust pastry
200 gr all purpose flour
1 level tea spoon baking powder
1 medium egg
1 pinch salt
125 gr soft butter

For the filling
1 head savoy cabbage -750 gr
100 gr onions
6 tea spoon cooking oil
200 ml meat stock
salt -to taste
curry powder
coarsely grounded pepper
3 large eggs
Cummin seed

10 inches diameter baking tray
MMM this sounds fabulous! I love cummin. Will have to try it- thanks
Mmm this is yummy.Have you tried it already ?let me know how it turned out.
I will let you know- maybe for supper tonight, I have it downloaded. blessings, Janice
excellent recipe.This is really tasty.Enjoyed.
Thank you.
Thanks for posting this!! We made this the other night using my wife's whole wheat pie crust and the cummin seed only option. tasted fantastic and the left overs made a great breakfast.
Great,and I am glad you enjoyed it.Hope you voted for me. :)
I'm growing some cabbage and hope to make this! thank you for sharing.
Please use savoy cabbage only.
I will have to try this sometime. I like cabbage but don't make it very often. Thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
Thanks for viewing my special Savoy Pie.Please try this out,and let me know as how it turned out.Sure you will like it.This receipe is a german receipe.
I love cabbage but I have never had it like this. I am eager to try your recipe.
Thank you.Try this out this awesome receipe as its really nice..People who don't like cabbage,enjoy my cabbage Pie not knowing it is full of cabbages.I tell them only after they finish eating and they are surprised. :)

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