Saw Blade Cleaning


Introduction: Saw Blade Cleaning

In this video I show my method for cleaning saw blades. It can become overly complicated but I have always taken a simple, tried, and true method. Thanks for checking it out.

Step 1: Learn by Watching



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    4 Discussions

    Phil B

    1 year ago

    More than 40 years ago Sears sold a solution for dissolving gums and varnishes on saw teeth. I asked at Lowe's about something and the older gentleman said his father always used turpentine. It works well.

    1 reply

    That is interesting, I've never heard about using turepentine. Yet another thing to try..

    Oven cleaner and then a quick rinse works great too. That's what we do at the shop.

    1 reply

    That is a valid point. I have heard that it works well but I like the way the Pine Sol makes the shop smell. I don't know if one or the other is less harsh in regards to chemicals. As with most things in life there are several ways to get to the finish line. I may have to give the oven cleaner a go one of these days and see if there is any noticeable difference.