Saw Blade Cleaning





Introduction: Saw Blade Cleaning

In this video I show my method for cleaning saw blades. It can become overly complicated but I have always taken a simple, tried, and true method. Thanks for checking it out.

Step 1: Learn by Watching



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More than 40 years ago Sears sold a solution for dissolving gums and varnishes on saw teeth. I asked at Lowe's about something and the older gentleman said his father always used turpentine. It works well.

That is interesting, I've never heard about using turepentine. Yet another thing to try..

Oven cleaner and then a quick rinse works great too. That's what we do at the shop.

That is a valid point. I have heard that it works well but I like the way the Pine Sol makes the shop smell. I don't know if one or the other is less harsh in regards to chemicals. As with most things in life there are several ways to get to the finish line. I may have to give the oven cleaner a go one of these days and see if there is any noticeable difference.