Introduction: Saw Blade Knife

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How to make a knife out of an old circular saw blade.

Step 1: Designing the Knife

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First draw you knife shape on the saw blade.

Step 2: Cutting the Knife Out

Second cut the knife out. Cut the knife out with a plasma cutter or cutting torch.

Step 3: Cleaning the Knife Up

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Now grind the knife and get the rough edges off the knife.

Step 4: Putting on a Handel

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Now put a handel on the knife if you want or just leave it the way it is.


Kiteman (author)2013-06-06

1. Can you cut the blade out without plasma cutter or torch?

2. How do you make the handle?

TheIver (author)Kiteman2015-12-15

You can but it takes a lot more work

jbrauer (author)Kiteman2013-06-06

You can cut tool steel with a jig saw/hack saw/ sawzall if you anneal it first. Google has all sorts of info on annealing, but in a nutshell you heat the whole blade up red hot - until it looses it's magnetism, then cool it very slowly. It will cut like mild steel at that point, but not hold an edge when the knife is finished. You have to harden it, by getting it red hot then quenching in hot oil. Then it will be brittle, so you temper it by soaking at around 350-400, depending on the metal (see google again). If you are really really patient, you can heat it red hot with a torch, or blast charcoal coals with a hair dryer to get it really hot. Here is one I made:

Kiteman (author)jbrauer2013-06-07

So, whatever method you use, it will eventually need specialist equipment, whether it's a big cutter or something to boil oil.

Ah, well.

jbrauer (author)Kiteman2013-06-07

This is a primitive art, it isn't really as hard or as expensive as you might think. You can do it all with a charcoal grill, a hair dryer, and some hand tools.

For the oil, I get a metal kitchen pan, heat up a block of metal, and dropped it in to get the oil hot. You can use cooking oil, and It only needs to be heated to around 280F to keep from boiling away from the blade.

For a blade, a mower blade or edger blade will take much less cutting and will actually hold an edge. I made a drawknife out of one, and it hogged through pine knots and stayed sharp. A mower blade can be annealed and shaped into a blade with a hand held hacksaw and a good file. Then heat treated in a charcoal fire. You can just wrap some cord around tang to make a handle.

Kiteman (author)jbrauer2013-06-07

Oh, thank you - that's much more encouraging.

rimar2000 (author)Kiteman2013-06-06

If you're skillful, patient and persistent, you can do it with a hand grinder. In half an hour or less you can do.

rimar2000 (author)rimar20002013-06-06

... and wise. The grinders are dangerous if you do not believe, ask rimar2000.

dirtbike98 (author)2013-06-06

You could cut it out with something other than a plasma cutter or torch but it would be difficult... And I made the handle by getting a piece of wood and cutting it the shape I wanted then cut it down the middle and sanded it down on each side until they were both the same.

nicbergero (author)dirtbike982015-08-19

I made this knife today with just a hack saw, angle grinder, and files

cristoph (author)2014-01-27

I've got some old blades and it plan on making a couple knives out of them

mbecks (author)2013-06-10

I love the idea I think I'll try this. Have you used acetylene to cut it out. I hope my hand are stead because my cuts might be ugly

rimar2000 (author)2013-06-06

Nice designs.

I wonder if the steel of that saw blade is hard enough to keep the edge.

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