Introduction: Make a Saw From a Cutter - Life Hack

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If your sawblade is broken and you need to cut something.....or you are to poor to buy you a new saw....take this LIFE Hack :-D

It's pretty cool and it works GREAT !!

Here is my YouTube-Videolink : How to make a saw from a cutter

Step 1: You Need:

Picture of You Need:

- a sawblade...maybe a broken one

- a cutter / stationary knife

Step 2: Open the Knife

Picture of Open the Knife

Open the back of the knife.....

Step 3: The Blade

Picture of The Blade

Replace the sharp knife from the cutter....Be careful, don't hurt yourself !

Step 4: The Sawblade

Picture of The Sawblade

Take the sawblade and insert it in the holder of the knife blade....

Step 5: Insert the Sawblade

Picture of Insert the Sawblade

....put the sawblade TOGETHER with the holder back into the blue rail...or something like this...You know what I mean ;-).... and :

Step 6: TADA !!

Picture of TADA !!

You've got a SAWcutter-Thing !

Pretty cool, hä ??


Have a nice day !


imerrymary (author)2016-06-13

Way cool!!! Brilliant!!

Ehlers_TV (author)imerrymary2016-06-13

Thank YOU :-D

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