Build a very strong keychain tool from a Sawzall Blade .

It is often a desperate move scratch at something with your keys.  At best you will tear up whatever you are trying to cut or pry, at worst you will break your key and be stranded.  I've tried to make a keychain tool that could replace a small pocket knife or utility knife  -- so I would think 'where are my keys?' instead of 'where are the scissors?'

The first half shows how to make a simple saw keychain.  In the second half I do some more detailed grinding to make a knife-like tool that fits well in my finger tips.

Some key points:
  1. Sawzall blades are very tough metal
  2. Drilled hole with dremel grinder
  3. Shaped and cut with bench grinder

Here is a video of the final tool:

Step 1: Materials

  1. Sawzall Blade
  2. Center punch
  3. Grinder Dremel bit
  4. Drill
  5. Bench grinder
I hope you don't trip with this in your pocket!
<p>Cloudy with a chance of &quot;Who puts a razor sharp blade within 3&quot; of their _____&quot;</p>
<p>Ha! Somebody with 4 little kids.</p>
<p>Be sure to keep that out of your pocket and well away from your nuts.</p>
great idea! i read an entry last week where a chainsaw blade was cut to length and, garden hose handles glued to it to make a &quot;pocket chainsaw&quot; bravo (hose clamps would work well too). i saw your gutter cleaning post, i recently used a leaf blower to clean gutters, got the bulk of the leaves out by hand temporarily unclipping the gutter as i went then took to it with the blower, worked great even in the wet.
Thanks -- I had just read the 'pocket chainsaw' when I did this

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