Picture of Sawbuck
A sawbuck is a stand used for cutting up logs into firewood. The other methods I've used to cut up firewood either involve bending over and cutting and rolling the log on the ground, or having someone who is very trusting (or stupid) hold the log off the back of a truck or saw horse. I couldn't find a decent plan for building a sawbuck (not that it's all that complicated) so here's one to get you started. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I didn't want my sawbuck breaking when I dropped 8' long 14" diameter maple logs onto it, so I used 4x4s for the main frame, but if you are just using it to cut up smaller stuff, you can probable get away with 2x4s or you can even use logs of whatever size you want, but dimensional lumber is easier to work with in my opinion.


3- 4x4 x 8'
4- 2x4 x 8'
3- 3/8" by 6" bolts with nuts and washers
hand full of 3" screws

I used leftovers from a deck so everything is treated lumber, and I also used galvanized bolts and the green deck screws, so this puppy is gonna last a while.


Circular saw
Drill w/ drive bit for screws
3/8" spade bit
1 1/2" spade bit
Ratchet and socket to fit the nuts
Tape measure
Speed square
Flat and level ground for assembly

Step 2: Start Cutting

Picture of Start Cutting
So first thing you want to do is to cut all 3 4x4s in half, then mark them at about 32" for drilling out the bolt hole.  First drill the hole with a 3/8" bit all the way through, then bore out about an 3/4" deep with a 1 1/2" bit to keep the bolt from sticking out.  Then bolt all 3 of the "X"s together.  See the third and fourth pictures.

Built this today, very sturdy. Thanks for the instructions!


friger2 years ago
Yup, that'll work!
Tupulov2 years ago
Well done! I especially like the way the cut pieces stay on the rack. This is a definite labor saver for a one man operation like me. Thanks for posting it!!!