Step 3:

Mark the center of the 9”  piece on the side as well as on the bottom. Then, mark the center of the side of your  12" 2x4 on one end, and a line parallel to the cut 4 inches from the opposite end. This will be the T brace of your saw horse so get it centered and perpendicular accurately.
I made 4 of these and they work well.
<p>I shall begin construction (actually destruction, of pallets) now</p>
<p>Simple y barato... lo mas caro los tornillos...</p><p>Cheap &amp; Simple... the most expensive... the screws...</p><p>Saludos!</p><p>ARG, San Luis</p>
How can you know if the pallet wood is treated or not?
Pallets are stamped with either HT or MB in most cases. HT is for heat treated MB is for Methyl Bromide. I always look for the HT stamp but it really shouldn't matter unless you plan on burning them.
I would assume, in the USA, they are not. OSHA frowns on things that are poison or treated with poison. Arsenic was used in the past to treat wood, I do not know what they use now, it was outlawed because it is bad for you. Pallets are normally used inside a building, so I can't see them being made from treated wood.
You're looking at it the wrong way. No one cares about the fate of pallets. What we do care about is transporting bugs which can have disastrous results! Introduce an invasive species to an environment where there is no natural defense against it and you can have a total ecological collapse. That is worth spreading some poison to prevent. Plagues of locusts is wrath of God stuff.
Nice plans. Clear steps, great pic's and helpful hints. Made one last week as a first woodworking project. Sourcing the pallets took longer than the actual construction. Will make another soon. Thanks!
Awesome. Will be making soon. The speed square as a saw guide is one of those ideas that seems so obvious but I've never thought of it. So genius.
I have made a horse using a similar design it is very sturdy. I made mine out of scrap 2x4s though. Consider the center diagonal braces in this picture. I had planned on putting more bracing into my horse but it didn't really need it.<br> <br> <a href="http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb468/pfred1/p1310020.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i1207.photobucket.com/albums/bb468/pfred1/p1310020.jpg</a><br> <br>
I was going for expendable, light, and cheap. They held up 4 sheets of 3/4 plywood without collapsing or falling over! Those sawhorses are awesome.
For a bit I was on a saw horse building kick. Those are the last two I made in that run in order from left to right. I consider the one on the right the omega of saw horses. It was where I ended it at any rate.
No doubt, it looks like a wooden anvil, or an anvil base, I don't know, or maybe a jack stand. A really tall jack stand. hmmm...
When you said anvil and jack stands you reminded me that before I made horses out of wood I used to make them out of steel. I never bothered to take any pictures of them though as they predate the digital photography age. I got into woodworking sideways from other interests.<br> <br> Basically I wasn't rebuilding a car one day and I said to myself, I need to do something with all these tools I have ...<br> <br> I've more of a passion for metalworking than woodworking, but I've my moments making saw dust too. Woodworking has been an excellent support skill for me to possess engaged in other activities.<br> <br> Today in fact the bulk of the tools and machinery I want to get are for woodworking. Maybe my focus is shifting? Might just be that there are more woodworking tools, I don't know. What I do know is the fateful decision I made long ago was rather self defeating in the long run. Because today I have a lot more tools I need to justify owning!<br>
There is no need to justify your tools. it isnt like a mistress or anything. If you have A tool you need it, or needed it, or thought you might some day possibly have a need. Be prepared. I don't need that jaws of life set from harbor freight but I want one.<br><br>
I have their 10 ton porta power unit that comes with spreader jaws. I use it now and again. But idle tools just sort of bother me, because I could have gotten ones I'd use more?

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