Sewing Table Renovation





Introduction: Sewing Table Renovation

We were looking to a little table for keys, cell phone, letters and other small stuff we grab on the way out.

I took my grandmother old wooden sewing machine and renovated it to a beautiful home entrance table, combination of wood, iron and glass.

btw the sewing machine still works! ;)

Step 1: Unloading...

First you need an old sewing machine, once you have it take it to your workshop

Step 2: Change and Replace

change and replace old screws and bolts, if the wood is damaged use wood glue to strengthen those places.

Step 3: Peel&Polish

you will now need to peel all the old moldy part of the wood, also polish the rusted iron

Step 4: Paint

cover the wood with few layers of paint, once it dries cover it with lacquer paint

cover the iron with few layers of paint (first layer needs to be ani rust paint)

Step 5: Glass

measure the table and cut the glass, once you have that done, polish the edges...

or you can order it from a glazier :)

Step 6: Tools



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Do you know where to get needles for really old machines like that? I recently picked up an old treadle Singer and surprised myself when i got the locked up machine actually moving. The only issue is that needle holder is much smaller than the typical needles you buy at a general fabric store.


If you can find out the model number and brand name (Singer has some great pages on their older models) you might be able to find a supplier in England or Eastern US... good luck

If there are more pics of the process, I'd love to see them. I've got 4 of these taking up space in my workshop, waiting to be rehabbed.

sorry i don't have more picture of the process as i'm new to instructables, but i would love to help, if you got any questions...

That looks really nice, You might want to move the "Tools" step to the first place (as step #1)