Knex Sawn Off Shotgun





Introduction: Knex Sawn Off Shotgun

This is my first instructable, but hey, be as harsh as ya wanna be!!! This is a 2 barreled shot gun, that can fire a maximum of 4 bullets in each barrel. It shoots whites. When the bullets are fired, they split up to hit multiple targets. Also has a true trigger. PLEASE RATE

Step 1: The Firing Pins

Dead easy :)

Step 2: The (true) Trigger

A bit harder to make but still do able.

Step 3: The Barrel

The double barrel. A bit hard to make but possible.

Step 4: The Handle

Nice 'n' easy

Step 5: Putting It All Together


Step 6: How to Get the Knex Software

Here is a link to an instructable showing you how to get and use the knex software.



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    Is it a break action? I would feel so cool using this if it is

    Umm basicly a repeated question but you said a badge like on killerk's gun but which one and what is it and how do i get hold of it :P btw you gun looks good but i cant really build it all coz my progress has been halted :D

    some one needs to make a double barell shot gun that actusally flipps down when you relead lol

    16 replies

    ive made one but havent posted yet. i havnt taken it apart by the way.

    I did it was dual model 1887 but my camera broke so i cant show anyone


    i just made a VERY simple sawn-off shotgun that flips down. its my first ever created gun but im happy! its got a very simple true trigger aswell. you will have to turn ur head...


    looks like a shotgun turret, now someone needs to make a shotgun with two triggers, one in each barrel for some niceness

    Nice (from what I can see that is)

    Looks interesting so post it when you are done. PS: You can rotate images on Microsoft paint.


    i'm just ripping it apart and taking pictures of it now lol. btw thanks for the image tips

    All right, and your welcome.

    yeah thats kool but is it break ation

    what is the difference?

    sorry I destroyed it long ago... if I were to post it I would first have to rebuild the barrel, trigger system and well, the rest of the gun really. the trigger sucked, the barrel was way too high friction and the body of the gun looked horrible.

    thats been done. hey youve gone :(