this Instructable will show you how to make the blade ONLY!! the handle will come in my next Instructable.

Step 1: Remove the Paint

i used a file and a knife(witch broke:'-[ ) and all i did was scrape the paint off (it was difficult)
<p>sweet if I give you and idea do you think you can make it and post and instructible because this web is not letting me verifie my account</p>
<p>nice! my first knives where saw blades, i started making shank looking knives from them when i was about 10, now I'm 14 and selling custom hunting knives and chef knives and what not :D</p>
you should have used a grinder and a sand paper weel
Yeah i know but i was feeling lazy at that time and all i had at my workbench/desk was a file and a knife, after i did it i noticed that it would have taken less effort to just go downstairs and grind it off.
Or just use an old, used blades because the paint rubs off after the first use. Or heat it up with a mapp/propane torch to burn it off.
Heating it would aneal the metal and kill it's ability to hold an edge.
I think keeping the teeth is a good idea, not just for visual effect. Having teeth turns your blade from a knife, into a multipurpose tool, and saves the awkward sharpening you have to do with a blade that has serrations near the handle. Nice Instructable, too.
I have been making these for a LONG time. I got the how to from M40. Just google "fishwolf SBK" and you will see them. Also I will try and post a pic of mine here. This one I ground the saw teeth off of for thumb jimping.
you can save a lot of work scraping paint. Just use a well used blade, the paint will all be worn off. Plus you can pick it up free at any construction site.
did it and it worked really well just need a handle
Dude thats awesome! I am going to try it tonight. hope you give more Ibles

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