Picture of Scabble Ring
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
photo-12.08.2014 01:46.jpg
A ring
A scrabble letter
A button (that fits to to letter)
Needle and thread

Step 2: Sewing

Picture of Sewing
photo-12.08.2014 01:46.jpg
First we are going to sew the button to the ring.Of course you can just glue the letter to the ring but it wouldn't last long because the ring is thin and glue may not work very well.And I glued the end to make it more secure.

Step 3: Glue

Picture of Glue
photo-12.08.2014 01:46.jpg
Then we are going to glue the button and put it. Inside the hole in the letter.

Step 4: Done!

Picture of Done!
Wait for it to dry and you are done.By the way D is not my capital it is actually a gift for my best friend :)) Anyways hope you enjoyed :))
verolapin25 days ago
Very creative !
hinagiku (author)  verolapin23 days ago

thanks :))

anasdad25 days ago

Nicely done. Grat projec to do with my daughter. Thanks for posting

hinagiku (author)  anasdad23 days ago

thank you :))

hinagiku (author)  anasdad23 days ago

thank you :))

hunter9991 month ago

Wow, this is a really good idea! Especially when you make multiple rings to spell a word or your name. Thanks for sharing :D

hinagiku (author)  hunter9991 month ago

yeah that's a good idea too :D

Looks super, :)
hinagiku (author)  spaceofhearts1 month ago

thank you:))

djspanda8171 month ago
Cool! I think I'll make one!
hinagiku (author)  djspanda8171 month ago

I'd like to see it :))

So cute! Thanks for sharing!

hinagiku (author)  MsSweetSatisfaction1 month ago

thanks for commenting ;))

Hehe that's the cutest idea ever I am so gonna make these
hinagiku (author)  lumpyspacePrincess4101 month ago

thank youu :))

Cool Idea :)

hinagiku (author)  Passion Make1 month ago

thanks :)

How cute!

hinagiku (author)  emilyvanleemput1 month ago

Thank you :) I love your instructables :))

EmiClarice1 month ago
Cute!! I might try this
hinagiku (author)  EmiClarice1 month ago

Thanks :) I'd like to see a picture ;))