Scaffold Board Shelves




Introduction: Scaffold Board Shelves

Found some old scaffold boards and needed a storage solution for some decorations in the lounge of my house.

Step 1/

Locate some old boards either in a skip or from a reclamation yard for a few pounds or currency of your country.

Step 2/

Strip the old metal protective ends from the boards then take the time to look over the old board for any old nails that may catch you skin or sanding pads whilst your working on it.

Step 3/

I'm safety conscious so wear some gloves and ear muffs if you have them and get sanding.

Step 4/

a/ On my main shelve I wanted a very clean look so took my time on the sanding and gave it a few passes with various grit paper.

Managed to locate some appropriate brackets from a Swedish furniture store for my purposes as my table saw was out of commission

b/ On my recessed shelve I wanted a more rustic look so spent less time sanding.

The boards are a tight fit in the recess space but I still used some battens to give some extra support.

Step 5/

Final coat of natural wax for a finish..


hand sander, elbow grease, spirit level, drill and masonry drill bit, rawl plugs, screws and screwdriver

Ta Da




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