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This is not my build but one at my work it's an amazing piece of engineering.
This is a working replica scale model of a 100 year old swing bridge in Norfolk.

The bridge itself weighs 980 ton and jacks up on a central bearing the model when it was built did the same but over time has been modified.

The bridge started of life with railway tracks on one side with cats the other.

I can't remember all the detail of hand and I will fill more in later along with a video of both the model and the real bridge working.

Hope you like the pictures I. The last one you can see the actual bridge through the window in the background.

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dmatch (author)2015-12-13

That's a thing of beauty.

Burner-stan (author)2015-12-12

That's the chap. I'm at work again on wed so will get the full details If I get time I'll count the fixings.

copperaxe (author)2015-12-12

that is a lot of erector set parts!

BobT24 (author)2015-12-12

Lovely model originally built by the late Ron Delamore, seen here at Skegex 2002

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-11

Great looking bridge model.

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