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Introduction: Scaly Nails

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Show off a wild personality with these reptilian nails! Just a note, the design itself is a bit tedious and takes half an hour. I love this design because I'm a lizard lover. You can never go wrong with this fun design! (A big thanks to Lora for turning me loose and letting me paint her nails however) Please rate and add comments- I'd really appreciate it!

Step 1: First Thing's First

You'll need these to make your scaly look. This is a total of $10. Sally Hansen pens are nice, but they can be pricey. I like the Kiss Nail Art Paints, because they come in packs of 3 and include cute stencils- You get more for your money.

Step 2: Painting

First, make sure all of your nail polish is removed before you paint. Then add 2 or 3 coats of your polish to every nail.

Step 3: The Scales!!

First, take the Kiss Nail Art Paint and make sure it won't drip down the brush and ruin your nail. This paint tends to do that, so keep an eye out. Outline the top of the nail with the black Kiss Nail Art Paint. Now you can start making scale designs, starting at the top, and working your way down to the bottom. Do the same with every single nail. The small design is difficult, but it looks super cool when every nail is that way. Wait 30 minutes before adding a top coat, to make sure it doesn't smear. You don't want to have done all that hard work for nothing! Enjoy :)



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    This looks amazing! I just order my new OPI led nail lamp and I can't wait to start with my own manicure again!

    Cute! I use an orange stick or q-tip dipped in nail polish remover after I'm done to get rid of any stray polish on my toes. Looks totally professional when I'm done! Nice work.