Picture of Scandinavian Reindeer Decoration
This is a super easy design to make your candles have that festive touch. It looks really pretty, and is perfect for the winter holidays.

Step 1: You Need...

Picture of You Need...
Around 45 cm of foil, depending how thick you want your horse to be. A strip of foil, around 4cm wide, a dried up pen, a pencil, scissors and paper (don't use card). Once you've got all these things you're ready to get started!!
tootler001 (author) 1 year ago
Yes!! It's meant to be a reindeer will change it now
Nylaba1 year ago
Um, I was not aware that horses, Scandinavian or otherwise, had antlers. Maybe it's a reindeer?
tootler001 (author) 1 year ago
Why not?
hubbe1 year ago
Hate to be a boore but Scandinavian?