Red and white tree decorations look stylish and are quick and easy to make as a gift for a friend's tree (or your own!). To make all the ornaments shown in the photo (star, tree, reindeer, stocking and heart) you will need:

a 23cm x 23cm (9" x 9") square sheet of bright red felt (this will make the stocking too, even though it is shown in white in the photos)
scraps of white felt
red and white stranded cotton embroidery threads
pins and needles
a "disappearing" fabric pen
a soft pencil
small scissors
polyester filling (stuffing)
narrow red, white or red and white ribbon, about 20cm (8") per decoration
small bells, buttons or other adornments (optional)
red and white sewing threads (optional)

These decorations measure roughly 7.5cm (3"), but you could make them larger if you wish. Just scale up the pattern (PDF provided in the next step) on a photocopier after printing it out.

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces and Embroidering Them

Print off the PDF pattern and cut round all the shapes.

Decide which shape you're going to start with - the heart is a nice easy one - and draw round it on the felt using the soft pencil.  Then cut it out, cutting just inside the pencil line. Repeat to produce a matching felt shape.  Check whether your felt has a right and a wrong side and, if it does, make sure you turn over the pattern piece before you draw round it the second time if (unlike the heart) it isn't a symmetrical shape. 

Now you need to embroider a simple design onto one (or both) of the felt shapes. The non pencilled side is the right side. Using the pattern piece as guidance, work the emboidery in backstitch with 3 strands of white stranded cotton, starting with a knot on the wrong side and/or a few stitches to secure the end in the thickness of the felt so that they are not visible on the right side. When you've finished the design, finish off the end on the wrong side in the same way.

As an alternative to embroidering in white thread, you could sew a circle or heart of white felt onto the red shape using tiny running stitches in one or two strands of red cotton, and then if you wish embroider a design through both layers in red cotton. See the reindeer and Christmas tree photos for examples.

If you don't feel like embroidering both sides, then don't. And if embroidery isn't your thing, then sew on a few buttons, bells, sequins, mini pom-poms or whatever instead.  See the photo of the Christmas tree and star with buttons, and the one of the white stocking with a red bell.  Just keep everything white or red for that Scandinavian feel. 
<p>Can't find the pdf file with the templates on - can you help</p>
<p>Sorry, only just noticed your comment. The PDF is at the end of Step 1.</p>
very nice!
Thank you!
cute <br>
Thanks. Only another 200 making days until Christmas.
Those are so cute! I love the stocking one!
Thank you, I had fun making them.

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