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Introduction: Scanner Night Light

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Hey guys watch this video as we show you how to make a Scanner night light, we had a scanner laying around the house and we hacked to get the bulb. The bulb actually had 3 different color modes so we installed a 4 switch console and now since the colors were Red Green and Blue we can make several other colors by just alternating the switches. You can add Potentiometers and get even cooler effects!



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    I'll call this an "ideable" rather than "instructable" because your not providing enough instructions for others to be able to make the same thing. And you're not responsive to comments and questions so it's very poor project.

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    I have one light excatly like this one you have. I've found a Lexmark in garbage and was happy. But I wanna know did you light up that thing only by connecting it with a 9V battery or it does need the inverter too like LCD backlight?I'm not yet familiar with those lights.
    Thanks in advance

    P.S. do you know any specs for those two step motors?

    Saved me buying some poxy lights just to go in my 'puter case as I have two old scanner lights to recycle for this purpose.

    Hello i just got mine working thanks to you
    i just wanned to know if it can damage ur eye if seen directly to it cause i wanna make a gift but im afraid it can hur her eyes... thanks for your quick response =)

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    It all really depends on how long you stare at it, like any other light anything can damage your lights. But if youre talking about "accidentally looking at it" you shouldnt have a problem with it.

     Lucky you having this RGB lamp. That of course is a generator for coming fresh ideas for several projetcs. for example you can use this lamp and a small circuit to respond the lamp to music or voice and changing color due to volume and the filling of the source. Another one is the powerful step motor all the scanners have. You can build a wind generator look also here they did good job and I build it too.
    Another thing is the glass. Isn't common glass you may know. Doesn't brake easily so that gives me extra ideas. But till you find a serious project for using it you can have a neat and needed whiteboard for your projects. Add a white papper underneath, support it by two clippers and now draw your next project. 
    From the saved electronics no comment 
    Also in the scanner you found a very strong motion belt. With two of them and a step motor, an arduino and your robot is ready, think about. Last but not least the case. Very strong, no oxidized easily you can do it a green lab to put some nice plants to grow. You can use another common scanners light.
    I have to admit I fill gelous of you. You own this special lamp, but the world is unfair anyway ;D
    have a nice day...(dam lucky you)

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    hahha tnx man, yea tat scanner was awesome we have so many different projects that we can do. But we've been having problems lately. One of our problems was with our Camera when we got our video onto our computer. It stoped playing and just skipped around. Then our Windows Movie maker crashed, and when we fixed it our Comp fn died :( now our website is not letting us save anything....... FML hard core FML 

     hahahaha...then you are not so lucky.  Any movie maker isn't something greate to make good videos. Absorbs tones of valuable resources. Instead you may found in net enough good programs to do your nice videos looking good.  Always have a backup of crucial hardware, because they stop to work when really you needed. Computers for me is Hobby first and my job secondly. I have always easily replaced hardware like cameras, VGAs, motherboards, HHD, etc.
    In 1997 I was ready to give for pubblish my new videogame I worked on for atleast 40 moths. I ve made everything by my self. Script, Synthesis, Production, 3D graphics ( I studied by the scratch 3d max just for this project). Usually i do backup every week the last 20 years but that era I was so busy with this project and i broke this rule. As result of luck of planning the exact night before give the final product to my agent I lost everything and only saved some partial backup. I give up this project and i was sad all the summer then. Now I do everyday backup at 11.00pm. I have a farm of about 16 machines and 2 raid servers. I spend about 4 hours of my sleep to do the backup in these machines...

    Have a nice day and keep smiling my friend :)))  

    I am sending a pic made by me on Cinema 4D and was the initial image of the game i lost just to see the quality of the project, and my studies for 3 and more years in specific software hardware i never knew!!!

    initial scene.jpg

    If that's not modded for amusement... then it's VERY interesting.

    Must be an RGB led light.
    The SUPER simple, low voltage circuit board gives it away.

    And I've NEVER had the glass come off that easily. they use some strong double stick tape on most scanners.

    Lucky you guys! Safer AND cooler than the scanner hack most of us are used to. Gratz on the hack!

    Please, put captions!!!! This is very interesting.

    I can read English fluently, but I do not understand spoken
    . And I am not alone, we all feel the same with a different from native language.

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    You can check my site for additional help on our projects. We hace Step By step instructions on most of our projects thats the link for this specific project. I hope it helps. As of Captions, i dont know how to add them or i would.

    instead of using a switch lik you did  i used potentiometers it allows for a bigger range of colors

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    yea thats what we figured after the project. see the description? "you can add Potentiometers and get even cooler effects!" you pretty much can get every color if you use potentiometers. You should upload a video of the light!

    Wow What are the odds that i picked up 3 of these exact printer/scanners for free a few months ago