Introduction: Scanning With the Canon IR 3245 Copier

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Follow these quick instructions and you can have any image or document scanned and in your email inbox in no time.

Above is the operation panel of the printer/copier in the Teachers’ Room.  The left hand side is a Touch Screen and the right hand side is a more traditional Control Panel.  There are many options with this printer.  These instructions will assist with scanning.

Step 1:

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On the Touch Screen, press the third tab from the left, “Send”.

Step 2:

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Next, press “Address Book” to send to self or someone in house.  Make another choice from the available options as needed.

Step 3:

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Choose the desired name by pressing on the box next to the name (1) – make sure a green check shows.  Then press “OK” (2).

Step 4:

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After confirming that you have chosen the correct destination for your scanned document or image, compress “Start” on the Control Panel.

Step 5:

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As noted by the instructions (1), you can change your original and press Start again, or you can simply press “Done” (2).


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