Scar 11 Micro





Introduction: Scar 11 Micro

This Gun as you can probaly guess is a smaller verson of the scar 11.01!!
It has a 15 ammo magazine which fires yellow rods
Its true trigger
it has a plastic sight :P
its powered by 2 elastic bands but you could add more which fires the projectile around 40ft
im not sure either to class it as a SMG or a pistol
it doesn't use many peices

If you make this gun i am in no way responsable for any injurys its your own fault
I have Warned you!!


Step 1: Parts List

Gather these pieces might be off by 1 or 2 pieces sorry if i am

111 Greens
1 Grey
3 Yellows
89 Whites
18 Blues
30 Orange
11 Dark Greys ( one connecter)
7 Light greys ( Two Connecters)
9 Tan Clips
16 Reds
6 Greens
39 Yellows
7 Whites
27 Blues
1 Hinge
7 Ball Joints
2 Ball Sockets
38 Y Clips
12 Blue spacers
9 Greys spacers ( 1 Grey = 3 Blue spacers)

Step 2: Making the Main Body

really easy to make this is!!

1. make this
2. and this
3. add this
4. different view
5. different view again
6. attach like so
7. attach on other side


Step 3: Making the Reciever, Ram Rod & Ram Block

again very easy

1. What your Making
2. make this
3. Under neath view
4. this is the thing on the side of the 2nd picture dont make 2
5. make this
6. make 2 of this
7. do this
8. and this
9. connection of the 2 parts
10. simple Ram Rod

Step 4: Making the Handle

this is quite complicated compared ot the other steps

1. What your making
2. Make two of these
3. make the trigger
4. make them
5. make this
6. this
7. and this
8. attch the two tohether
9. add that
10. add on the blue rod
11. add this side on only
12. add the trigger
13. add on the other side
14. add on the blue rods

Step 5: Making the Magazine

The mag is easy to make and holds around 15 rods

1. Make two of this
2. make them
3. and them
4. gather these
5. put the blue rods on like so
6. add one on each side and add a white rod
7. put them on like this
8. add one on each side again
9. add the other plate on
10. add the tans on either side
11. and make this

Step 6: Putting It All Together

you have to take of a few pieces from the main body and the reciever to get some of the pieces attched to each other sorry :P

1. Take the sides off of the reciever
2. take off the pieces so it looks like that on the main body
3. the two yellow rod connect to the blue connecters
4. how it looks like from top
5. find these pieces
6. do this
7. add on Y clips
8. now we gunna puts sides back on
9. make sure greens go on the left if the handles on your right
10. put the pieces on the main body that you took off
11. this is how the handle is connected on to the body
12. closer view of the connection
13. this is how the ram block is connected to the trigger
14. different angle make sure you put a rubber band under the connection to move the ram block up or you can do it by pushing the trigger forward
15. put the ram rod in the back through the grey connecters

Step 7: Putting the Rubber Bands On

this is really easy you need one on the ram rod, the ram block and the mag pusher, just follow the pictures and youll get it its easy



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    plastic sight lolz !!! nice gun too 4*

    looking at the stats it should be obvious for two reasons. 1)SHOULD I CLASSIFY THIS AS A PISTOL OR A SMG 2) THERE IS NO FULL AUTO KNEX GUN THAT USES A MAG. THERE PROBABLY NEVER WILL BE. at least not with these stats.

    i have a secret collaboration with lowney on a full auto oodammo gun range is an estimated 35ft crap now it not so secret

    ... oodammo guns are more like a chain fed gun; you can't reasonably exchange the mag with another one in a short period of time without sacrificing most of the range. you also can't put much power behind a non-chain fed full auto gun without using a TON of motors or gears, which would make it fire really slowly.

    dude check out my slideshow with my fully auto gun

    saw it, and apparently it's cranked instead of motor powered. full auto in knex guns pretty much says that it has to be motor powered.

     all you have to do to turn a crank power into moter poer is remove the crank from the shaft it turns and slip a moter on it. it would be an easy mod

    2)That makes the gun ugly and larger. If we wanted it to have a motor, it would have to have a massive gear reduction system to make it powerful enough to pull back the ram or a large number of motors which would take up even more space.

     or, with some MORE moter gears you could bring the speed up alot

    No, you can't. At least not without turning it into a turret that misfires constantly.

    I have a co9llabration with 35 people around the k'nex community building a hand crank turret.

    Maybe i said this too loud...

    well i made one by myself
    35 is too much

    ITs real life size. Its hell hard, and uses a lot of green and grey rods. LOL

    please go to his page for this conversation; people doing this are flooding my comments.

    I'm sorry, but how, the comments are relying to him not you. It's all one big chat.

    exactly: OODAMMO. not a true mag; more a clip than a mag.

    alot of people like oodammo....
    you go make a knex machine gun with a removable clip and 35ft range

    mine could easily be made to have a mag
    i just like oodammo.
    it takes more work to make a oodammo holder, than a mag
    mags are incredibly easy to make

     There is a very obvious way to make a full auto with a mag, and I've been trying for a long time to make it flawless. You may soon see it posted by me.