This was my first kind of vehicle I made out of K'nex. This is the scarab from Halo 2. In Halo this vehicle originally was a mining vehicle where it would use its laser to blast rock and its legs to to loosen or crush ground below it.

-Had some good detail.
-scale was very good.

-only sometimes could stand without support
-legs were horrible
-had like no detail in some areas.

Over all it was good, especially for my first vehicle.
One of the cool bosses in the beginning.
its...interisting. i like it though.
awsome i luv it!
wat about the fuel rod llauncher on the top? or did tht version of the scarab get introduced in halo 3?
You need to get a girl friend.
Yeah Brotha!!
That's mine.
there is someone in my class tht look nearly exactly like her does she have any sisters tht look like her?
Do u have one?
not anymore, we just broke up.
Sorry man.
nah. It's cool. I'm actually kind of glad. lol.
its cute :P
doesnt look like a scarab, but I guess its the best thing you can get with knex.
I bet you could get better...
I dunno, maybe
no, I know that There is a better one of these.
cool, where?
that's not what I mean.
then what do you mean?
Me too.
If anyone has good experience with making K'nex with bug legs and you a morter I might be able to get this thing to walk, I just don't have the understanding of how to do.
makes me laugh, nice work on the gun.
Make it walk and add more detail and all the true halo freaks will love you.
HAHAHAHA this is funny post!!
What the heck? I just put this on like 20-30 minutes ago, I thought it would take longer for it to be viewable. I liked it a lot, but as far as good K'nex builds go, this one was bad.

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