Picture of Scare your friends with a fake error
This is kind of like my other coding instructable but this one with truely scare the crap out of your friends.

Step 1: Open notepad

Picture of Open notepad
Open notepad: start, all programs, accessories, notepad.
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woble16 years ago
there is a easyer way you just download error mesage gen for free!
Rai5747 woble16 months ago

They would be a real virus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gs-mannen5 years ago
If you want to joke with a friend and change some icon to turn of the computer instead of opening Internet Explorer or something, do like this:
1. right click on any icon at the desktop.
2. press properties.
3. in the target box write in "SHUTDOWN.exe -s -t 01"
4. press ok and now your done
when your friend press the icon next time the computer will shutdown in 1 minute instead of opening Internet Explorer. :D
Rai5747 gs-mannen6 months ago

Or make the target of the icon on the desktop the place where the .vbs is.So,If it tries to open the real Internet Explorer,It will see the error.

that help
For one minute, you say "-t 01"? That's one SECOND... for one MINUTE, use "-t 60"
wito315 years ago
i cant find a good icon (one of internet)

Rai5747 wito316 months ago

Look at the end of list.If you can't find it,Click browse then locate the Internet Explorer program at appdata (If you have hidden files enabled) or on the Program Files folder.

look near the end of the list. It should be there. If you still can't find it, use one to make it look like it's some other thing that is used a lot! :3
JustPhil4 years ago
TIP-- Once yuo've created your new icon, you need to rename it. Right click on it, click rename and remove the ".vbs shortcut" part
JustPhil4 years ago
Now I want to know how to add icons to that .dll icon file
JustPhil4 years ago
I love this!!! Instead of copying X amount of times, you can change each line so long as each line starts with the lol = msgbox ("
Like first line "Critical error......
Second line is something like "What part of ERROR did you not understand?
And so on and on and on
Every time the OK button is clicked ( or even the "X" close button) a different sentence comes up
Geert-Jan664 years ago
Great Prank
TheREALdude8 years ago
u dont have to cus if u do it 100 times that how many time the error will appear.
This sorta crap is what i like on Windows
dekodelta7 years ago
can i make it so the disc drive opens after the first box?
Yeah you can. Add this to the .vbs script: Set oWMP = createObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7" ) Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count - 1 colCDROMs.Item(i).Eject colCDROMs.Item(i).Eject Next ' cdrom End If Hope this helps!
wito315 years ago
how do i take it?

nys6 years ago
how u change the icon on vista?
Guard13007 nys5 years ago
Almost the exact same way, just play around a bit, you'll find it.
(I'm using XP right now and can't be bothered to remember, sorry...)
dinsterzz8 years ago
hi, how do i add so it shuts down the pc.. or run a .bat file? thnx! great tutirial!
 if you want to make something that shuts down a p.c you need to make a shortcut. a box will pop up. type in it: shutdown -s -tp 60 -c (the error message)
save it then right click and change its icon to internet explorer. name it internet explorer. then when the victim tries to run it they get an error + a shutdown. 
to stop it goto run and type shutdown -a. 
rickick8 years ago
 did you try making a shortcut? you can change the icon if its a shortcut! :D
Lol I did the same, but I wanted to really freak 'em out. Message box said "Terminal software error 163G38EU4. Formatting hard drive in 2 minutes. Press Ctrl+Alt+Down to cancel." The only way to close the window is to use Task Manager XD
Monet66 years ago
Here are my notes on vbs error messages and their values. (PS its EVERYTHING i have) FORMAT:
x=msgbox("Body Text"),CHAR,("Title")
lol=msgbox("Body Text"),CHAR,("Title") (IF COMPATTABLE)(EX... if lol=6 then)
msgbox"Body Text",CHAR,"Title"


Do While 3<4
lol=msgbox("Body Text"),CHAR,("Title")
(TO END LOOP, CTRL+ALT+DEL>PROCESSES>Wscript>end process>yes)


0 OK button
1 OK and cancel buttons
2 Abort, Retry, Ignore buttons
3 Yes, No and Cancel buttons
4 Yes and No button
5 Retry and Cancel buttons


16 Critical Message icon
32 Warning query icon
48 Warning message icon
64 Information message box


0 Normal message box
4096 Always stays on top of the desktop


if lol=1 OK
if lol=2 CANCEL
if lol=3 ABORT
if lol=4 RETRY
if lol=5 IGNORE
if lol=6 YES
if lol=7 NO

VBCancel 2 Cancel
VBAbort 3 Abort
VBRetry 4 Retry
VBIgnore 5 Ignore
VBYes 6 Yes
VBNo 7 No


VBOKOnly 0 Show OK button
VBOKCancel 1 Show OK and cancel buttons
VBAbortRetryIgnore 2 Show abort, retry, ignore buttons
VBYesNoCancel 3 Show yes, no cancel buttons
VBYesNo 4 Show yes, no buttons
VBRetryCancel 5 Show retry, cancel buttons
VBCritical 16 Show critical message icon
VBQuestion 32 Show warning query button
VBExclamation 48 Show warning message icon
VBInformation 64 Show information message icon
VBDefaultButton1 0 First button is default
VBDefaultButton2 256 Second button is default
VBDefaultButton3 512 Third button is default
VBDefaultButton4 768 Fourth button is default
VBApplicationModal 0 Demands that the user respond to the dialog before allowing continuation of work in current application
VBSystemModal 4096 Causes suspension of all applications until the user responds to the dialog

and to change it on vista, it is the same process as XP.
does anyone know the code to make it when someone hits a button(lets say ok which has a value of 1) that it runs a program? i want it to run a shutdown sequence i made.
swetank6 years ago
cool trick (:
dekodelta7 years ago
can i make it so it logs off? (but how would i stop it from logging off?)
shutdown -l -f -t 60 -c "type a message you want to appear here"
how could i do this on a mac?
Sorry don't know, never used a mac
"can i make it so it logs off? (but how would i stop it from logging off?" script kiddies....
why waste so much time

type this instead

lol = msgbox ("Critical error!" ,16, "ERROR")
But why the lol?
lol is a call command in visual basic
No its not, you can put anything there its not like its gonna do anything if your entire script is lol=msgbox etc...
Okay, I get it know.
does someone know how to use the yes and no button?. i would want a window that does like first it comes up awindow that say give me a cookie, and then if you press yes, itll dissapear, but if u press no it will come 100 critical error signs or something
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