Scarecrow DIY Halloween





Introduction: Scarecrow DIY Halloween

Do it yourself demo on how to create a scarecrow prop with wearable mask.



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    I thought you meant scarecrow from batman. lol.

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    Me too! It could definitely be adapted to that, though. I really like how the jeans have been dyed to make that colour, and it would be much more comfortable than hessian.

    Your mask reminds me of Thomas from the movie "The Orphanage" Nice job it's quite creepy!

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    ZOMG I WAS THINKING THE SAME THING! Except his was supposed to be a potatoe sack or something like that. Also the mouth-hole is too big and leaves too little for the imagination.....I would've sowed the top up after cutting it down some. Then cut like a smiley mouth and sowed it up again to give it that tortured look..... Or maybe cut all accross the mouth from one side of the seams to the other and then sew the sides and still leave a bit open as a mouth hole kinda like
    xxx--xxx I dunno. But yours looks great anyway, really, kudos! Hmm now that I think about it, making three and like varying the angles the two pieces of wood meet. So instead of it being a straight cross, making the accross one tilted a bit to the right or to the left, would probably give it a more aged, worn-out look. Like it's lived through a lot. Y'know? Also I would've liked to have seen more of the actual scare-crow. I wander what it looked like in the night. And you sound very nervous, I keep hearing you pant there, just relax and don't worry, no one's gonna bite you! But anyway thanks for this tutorial :) it gave me some great ideas.

    AHAHAHA you are right tomas
    put that on a little kid with a blue uniforn and there you go

    this would be a niceeee mask to wear on halloween great !