In this Instructable, I'll show you how to make a very cool scarecrow mask. I first got this idea a couple of years ago when I got sick of trying to find a cool costume. It occurred to me that a scarecrow could be very scary if done right and none of the masks available seemed to appeal to me. I wanted something like we see in Batman Begins but also something original that was nothing like the movie or even the character. What I came up with was fairly simple although there are a few details to observe. They may seem trivial, but I think these are the details that really make this stand out. I've gotten a lot of compliments on this mask, and I think you will too if you decide to make it. This is also very cheep to make. If you have the materials it'll be free, but even to buy everything, it only cost me about ten bucks. Unfortunately, I didn't think of taking step-by-step pictures, but I think my explanations and the pictures of the finished mask will be enough to let you reproduce the results. You might even be able to improve on it (please let me know if you do). I hope you like it and please comment and let me know what you think (also, if you like it, please vote on it). Have fun! 

Step 1: Materials

You don't need much to make this mask. As I said in the intro, it can cost as little as nothing and if you have some old things laying around the house, all you need is some time. The first thing you need is burlap, the material they used to make bags out of. I hear some things are still sold in burlap but I couldn't find any at home, so I bought it at a fabric store. It cost me about a dollar for the amount I used and I think that price is pretty much universal. You will also need some rope or thick string, scissors, sewing thread, and a needle. I used standard black sewing thread I had at home and it worked well for me. The only other thing you need is a black ghost mask, the type that lets you see out of but no one can see in and it covers the entire face(I have also heard them called grim reaper masks). They should be fairly common and you might have one left over from previous Halloweens, but if you don't, they run from 3 to 7 dollars(it won't break you). After that, all you need is a little patience, so let's go make a scarecrow!  

So I'm going to do this year for Halloween I'm going to go one step further and put a plastic Raven on my shoulder as well. Thanks for the idea
<p>Great idea! Thanks for the instructions!</p>
cool!! That is what i m going to be next carnevale!
Excellent job and your instructions were quite sufficient to replacate! I found the front to be a bit too short when I finished, so I took material from one of the top corners to create a &quot;bib&quot; that slips into my shirt. Thank you for a inexpensive costume idea!
This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!
Yes! Bad mask!
So very creepy.
pretty scary look ! now if you had burlap mittens with maybe a little straw......

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