Introduction: Scarf Bandeau

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Out of clothes and want to go out tonight? Here's an easy to make scarf bandeau that will save you money and time when having a wardrobe crisis!

Step 1: Materials.

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Choose a scarf of your choice! Make sure the scarf is an appropriate size that will fit around your bust. Luckily a lot of scarfs are one size fits all.

Step 2: Folding Part 1.

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Take one corner of the scarf and fold it over diagonally under until the two corners on opposite sides meet.

Step 3: Folding Part Two.

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Next take the long horizontal side of the scarf that is folded and fold it over about three inches.

Step 4: Folding Step Three.

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Fold the horizontal side about two more times depending on how small you want your bandeau until the remainder of the scarf is folded evenly.

Step 5: Wearing the Scarf

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Place the scarf around your chest leaving the open end towards the back

Step 6: Tying the Scarf, Part 1

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Make an X out of the two end pieces in the back while scarf is wrapped around your chest.

Step 7: Tying the Scarf, Part 2

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Continue to tie the scarf using the "bunny ears" method you use when tying your shoes.

Step 8: Tying the Scarf, Part 3

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Pull both "bunny ears" to make sure the knot is tight enough

Step 9: Positioning

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Position the scarf so that the knot is directly in the back and not to the side.

Step 10: Styling

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Grab a top of choice to wear on top and show off your new scarf bandeau!


darrenbassett (author)2015-10-22

I was going to comment on the first few pictures being too dark, now I understand why! Nice first instrucatble, keep up the good work.

tomatoskins (author)2015-10-21

Looks great!

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