Another pocket scarf.  OK, it only has two pockets.  A fine accessory to your necomimi arduino cat ears or if you need something a little more dressy than the utilitarian traffic light stoplight scarf.

This scarf does double duty in keeping your neck warm and provides a cozy spot to put your hands in.  If you don't want to use the pockets for your hands, use it to keep other items like your mp3 player, cell phone or keys.

Made from the finest synthetic fleece fabric and faux fur, this is the must have fashion item for the cold winter season.  It's also good for those late nights when you are up studying and the temperature drops.

Step 1: Get fleeced...

Making these pocket scarves was an idea I wanted to do around the last big holiday.   I gotta make one for Caitlin, her cousins, and probably for her friends.  I guess Black Friday sales at the fabric store really prompted me to buy some nice fabric to use.  Winter fleece material was on sale but nothing caught my eye.  I then found this bolt tucked away on the overhead shelf.  I bought 4 yards, wanted to make sure I had enough and spare.  

You can make your scarf out of any material that feels nice to the touch.  You may only need about a 1/2 yard for each scarf.

The finished scarf is about 6 inches wide by 6 feet long.  You can piece together bits that makes up a strip 12 inches wide by 60 inches - width of the bolt.  Your scarf can be longer or shorter as you desire.   The scarf is essentially a long tube or double layer of fabric.

You will need some faux fur as the pocket lining and pocket trim.  I bought a yard which had a little left over from making a total of  eight scarves.

I used a serger to sew all of this together.  It is great for these types of projects where you want a bound finished edge and have long straight seams.  

I also used a sewing maching that has a zig-zag stitch to bar-tack the opening of the pocket to make the scarf more durable.

It helps to have a rotary cutter and cutting mat.

This project is actually good for beginners to get the hang of visualizing things inside out which is a trick of sewing to get a finished look.

CAUTION: Know how to use your sewing equipment safely and with care.  Scissors and cutters are sharp.  

I like!

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