just a little something i through together with a budget of nothing so if your poor or need a costume at the last minute. so get up grab your shamwow and get ready to be the scariest thing alive.

Step 1: First Things First: The Hair

no this is the weirdest and hardest part if your trying to do this by yourself. i got my mom to put some pantene hair Sh!@# in my hair. but if you have a girl friend that works too. all you have to do is make some sort of Mohawk spiky thing down the middle of your head like in these pictures.
I really love this.
Now all you need is to become a convicted felon and have a prostitute bite off your nose hah.<br /> <br /> Good job though, I praise your originality.<br />
Awww, where's the weird side-glance and creepy grin?<br />
Rofl =D<br />
Step 5: practise <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUbWjIKxrrs">the accent</a><br /> <br /> <em>de-skins the gawlic<br /> you're gonna eat more gawlic<br /> </em><br />
First time I saw this guy on TV I thought, 'He looks and sounds like one of the Simpson's characters!&quot;<br />
o..m..g<br /> l..o..l<br />

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