Picture of Scariest Costume Ever: Go As Vince Offer
just a little something i through together with a budget of nothing so if your poor or need a costume at the last minute. so get up grab your shamwow and get ready to be the scariest thing alive.

Step 1: First Things First: The Hair

Picture of First Things First: The Hair
no this is the weirdest and hardest part if your trying to do this by yourself. i got my mom to put some pantene hair Sh!@# in my hair. but if you have a girl friend that works too. all you have to do is make some sort of Mohawk spiky thing down the middle of your head like in these pictures.
ilpug3 years ago
I really love this.
Alcoatari5 years ago
Now all you need is to become a convicted felon and have a prostitute bite off your nose hah.

Good job though, I praise your originality.
jeff-o5 years ago
Awww, where's the weird side-glance and creepy grin?
ANTQNUT jeff-o5 years ago
Rofl =D
PKM5 years ago
Step 5: practise the accent

de-skins the gawlic
you're gonna eat more gawlic

eulaliaaaa!5 years ago
Pazzerz5 years ago
First time I saw this guy on TV I thought, 'He looks and sounds like one of the Simpson's characters!"
ac1D5 years ago