Step 7: Add the LEDs to the Pumpkin

Now you can glue them to the inside of the pumpkin. I used hot glue and just held them in place until it cooled. Simple!
if your are going to go through the trouble of using a servo ,then why not make it similar to the silly string shooting aduino pumpkin, only instead of having the servo hit a button or a can of silly string , use an airhorn, ive even seen them at the dollar stores now, a little cheaper i think and it may be louder too
Did u get any candys?
I wet my pants looking at this<br>
looks like this can also be done with the basic stamp too<br />
in your diagram you have 2 left eye leds and no right eye<br />
and you could have just used a relay instead of a servo and a button, but i guess you just used what you had<br />
&nbsp;Exactly! And I thought it was a bit amusing to use a servo to press an old doorbell button!
lol yah, i actually like that idea though lol<br /> p.s. i watch all your videos on youtube for the maker shed lol<br />
&nbsp;Haha! Actually the pumpkin has 2 left eyes, makes him extra spooky. OK, not really....I'll have to fix that. Thanks!
That's funny, I&nbsp;love that!&nbsp; Next project, here we come.<br /> <br />
&nbsp;Thanks! If you make one, please send me some pictures. I would love to check it out.
We posted our Jack-o-duino at http://wyoinnovation.blogspot.com.<br /> <br /> Justin and Elizabeth<br />
Don't forget to mention the servo in your parts list.<br />
&nbsp;Oooops! Thanks! Adding it right now.
this seems like alot of work to make a pumpkin honk... Couldn't you just wire and old 1157 bulb to a 12 volt source on the dim side, Then the bright side and the horn to a switch. Then you get an instant burst of bright light and a honk... Great build though. maybe I am missing the point or something... thanks for posting!<br />
The key is the delay!&nbsp; The delay is the most important part!<br /> <br /> When you push the button you EXPECT&nbsp;something scary to happen. &nbsp; The horn can't go off until you're sure that the button doesn't do anything scary.<br /> <br /> -Andy<br />
I&nbsp;have two questions.&nbsp; I&nbsp;have to admit that although I&nbsp;program microprocessors in C for a living I've never used an arduino.&nbsp; I&nbsp;don't see a function &quot;main&quot; in your code or any function that calls the routines setup() and loop().&nbsp; It seems you'd need something like:<br /> main(){<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; setup();<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; while(1){<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; loop();<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; }<br /> }<br /> <br /> Also, is there a chance you could press the button so fast that the code doesn't realize it was pressed.&nbsp; In other words the button was pressed and released while the treat() function was running?&nbsp; Or in practice is that not a problem?<br />
You do not need a &quot;main ()&quot; function when using the Arduino IDE.<br /> <br /> You do need a &quot;void setup()&quot; which is run 1 time at startup. Also, you need a &quot;void loop()&quot; which is run over and over after setup. That's the basics, there is a lot more, but it's all really easy.<br /> <br /> I made an intro to Arduino video&nbsp;<a href="http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/02/howto_tuesday_arduino_101_blink_an_led.html">here</a>. And <a href="http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/02/howto_tuesday_arduino_101_the_button.html">another one</a>, and <a href="http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/02/how-to_tuesday_arduino_101_potentio.html">another</a>, and <a href="http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/07/how-to_tuesday_arduino_101_the_ping.html">another</a>, and <a href="http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2009/04/how-to_tuesday_arduino_101_accelero.html">more</a> ! :)<br /> <br /> As far as pressing the button and it not registering because of the program running a function. Yeah, I it can happen, but it was not an issue. It's a honkin' pumpkin, not an autopilot! Haha!
Its perfect, simple and I can see it would be very effective seeing how it delays a bit. +1<br />
&nbsp;Thanks! I did test it, and it worked....and worked well! :)
Hahaha!<br /> That is so simple, yet very very cool! <br /> I really like your project! <br /> And yea, I got a bit shaked when I was watching the video for the first time!&nbsp; xD<br /> I might make one for my self!<br /> Thanks!<br /> rate: *****<br />
&nbsp;Thanks! If you make one, please take some pictures and send them my way!
Will do!&nbsp; :)<br />
Why don't you use a solid state relay to trigger the horn instead of a servo?&nbsp; It seems a lot simpler and a bit cheaper (unless you already have a servo).&nbsp; I like the idea of the project though :D<br />
I made&nbsp;it with &quot;stuff&quot; I had laying around. The best route would be to use a 555 (or 556 for the LEDs) &nbsp;for the delay and a relay for the horn. I had an Arduino, and I thought it was kind of funny to press a doorbell with a servo. Yes, your method would be a lot cheaper. Thanks for the feedback!<br /> <br />
&nbsp;u could also probably enter this is the ardunio contest&nbsp;
&nbsp;Haha! Thanks....I did! :)
Nice but i would try to hide the LEDS a little bit more.<br />
&nbsp;I thought about that. Maybe adding some vellum in the eyes. However, the LEDs actually look like the pupils of the eyes at night. Personal preference I guess. Thanks for the feedback!

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