Scary Eyes


Introduction: Scary Eyes

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Walking along in the dark you hear a noise...... you look around slowly and see them. Glowing. Scary. Eyes.

Read on!

Step 1: Materials

Paper Towel Tubes



Glow Sticks


Step 2: Make It.

Cut slits in one end of the tube and fold them down. Tape them in place. This reduces light loss and helps to maximize your eye glow.

Draw eyes of your choice on the tubes and cut them out.

Drop in the glow stick and tape the other end of the tube.

Hide in in the bushes for unwary travelers to see from a walking path.

Alternately, place it in the top of your room child's closet. (if you are aiming for the parent of the year award, he he he.)

Thanks for reading. Happy Haunting!



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    I wonder how it would work with an aluminum can.

    1 reply

    If you could get a clean cut, it may. Wear gloves while cutting though.

    I love simple ideas like this. Looking at the first picture I was expecting another LED project (nothing wrong with that) - but you surprised me :)

    great!!!... got my vote...

    Just the thing I was looking for!! Thank you for sharing.

    So creepy, but so simple! I love it! I need to start saving my paper towel tubes! Does it work with toilet paper tubes?

    1 reply

    Yep. I used paper towel tubes because my glow sticks wouldn't fit in toilet paper rolls. You just need to find smaller glow sticks or use small leds.