l would have painted using a darker color because blood dries dark and painted all of the layers as I went so that it look like it had soaked through the layers cool idea though!
realistic and creepy at the same time
I would have painted the sharp part of the nail all red, since it went through your finger.
 i would have painted the dull end.
 That is really awesome :D I think I'll make one!
this looks like it would hurt. oh wait it does, i've actually done this, but to my thumb instead. good i'ble
Woah i am thinking about makeing a eye patch like this!! xD
Ouch.....ow.....owwww!!!! That is clever.
ooh, scary finger
That is really cool!
Is that hurt badly? lol.
that's pretty cool, nice, simpple, and creative, i like it.

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