video Scary Finger
How to make Halloween gadget.
easyfabric11 months ago
l would have painted using a darker color because blood dries dark and painted all of the layers as I went so that it look like it had soaked through the layers cool idea though!
realistic and creepy at the same time
Kaiven5 years ago
I would have painted the sharp part of the nail all red, since it went through your finger.
 i would have painted the dull end.
annabel.4 years ago
 That is really awesome :D I think I'll make one!
this looks like it would hurt. oh wait it does, i've actually done this, but to my thumb instead. good i'ble
Osmann5 years ago
Woah i am thinking about makeing a eye patch like this!! xD
Ouch.....ow.....owwww!!!! That is clever.
FrOnTLiNe5 years ago
ooh, scary finger
Plasmana5 years ago
That is really cool!
brandom7415 years ago
Is that hurt badly? lol.
Badger_Man5 years ago
that's pretty cool, nice, simpple, and creative, i like it.