Scary Grunge Photoshop Effect





Introduction: Scary Grunge Photoshop Effect

Make this scary grunge effect in Photoshop CS2 with anybody's picture!

Note: The first picture is the my version, the second is the original

Step 1: Find a Picture and Black It Out

First find a picture. I got mine off google just to use as a example. Once its in photoshop take a soft large black brush and brush out the background leaving an effect similar to what I have in the one I made

Note: You'll also want to use a low opacity brush to make the edges look kind of shadows on the face

Step 2: Find a Cracked or Grunge Texture

You can locate this on google as well. Put it over the picture in a layer above it and set it as multiply. Then take a soft eraser or "chalk" brush and erase where the black is and where the eyes are

Step 3: Erase the Mouth

Ok heres what really makes it a cool picture. Take the clone copy brush and go back to the layer with the face on it and alt click somewhere near the cheek and then paint down on the mouth, this will erase it and replace it with the texture from the cheek!

Step 4: Finish Up!

Now take some various grunge brushes and paint about, adding to the effect. When finished save as both a jpg and a psd file that way you can go back and edit, just in case!

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    Which layer are we working on here? Then, do we flatten the image? Delete one of the layers? What?

    Whichever you like, at this point.  Try both, examine the effects, see what makes the image work for you.  You're the artist.  :)

    Don't delete layers.

    Flatten the image only if required by the file format you're saving as.  You will need to do that for example with jpg, gif, possibly png, the three most prominent file formats out there.  But before you flatten save as a psd in photoshop (or if you use gimp, as an xcf) so that the work you've done is stored with the project format native to the app you're using.  That way if you want to make changes, you can go in, undo/redo or make further tweaks to the separate layers, etc.

    "layer with the face on it"? Both layers have a face. Do you mean the background, or the background copy?

    Only the layer with the picture of a face has a mouth in it if you've followed the instructions.  You would have two layers: the base layer, a picture of a face; and a second layer above it, with a texture, set to multiply.  The second layer doesn't have a face on it, only the first (base) layer does.

    "Erase where the black is"? Do you mean erase the entire black area of the picture?

    On the new layer you would use the erase tool where you see black coming thru from the layer below it.  You're removing the multiply texture from the areas of the image to which you don't actually intend to apply the texture.

    I don't understand... "locate this on Google as well". Locate what? Is this something I have to download from somewhere?

    AWESOME TUTORIAL! This is MY version!

    E drk edit.jpg