this is a dragon made from tissue and newspaper.
Very Cheap but scary.
BraisedDuck4 years ago
um....no offence, but this isn't AT ALL scary to me.
in fact, (once again, no offence) the paper mache looks like it was done sloppily and in a hurry.
i cant even see the head.
FrozenIce4 years ago
you got it from that old show art attack! thats not your idea
vishalapr (author)  FrozenIce4 years ago
I know that the idea is from art attack but this is my modified version
The one Neil(Art attack)made has a couple of changes in the face and the legs and I know that his is much better
And remember that this is not an instructable ,its a slideshow
Luuaap4 years ago
OMV (Oh my Vishalapar) YOU ARE THE BEST !!!
vishalapr (author)  Luuaap4 years ago
The same thanks
Really good(scary)
Goodbye I am freaked out
vishalapr (author)  instructables123454 years ago