Picture of Scary Santa
I few years ago, I created a monster for Christmas.

I had no intent to do so, I actually just wanted to create a Santa Claus figure to put up in front of my house in December as a unique Christmas decoration. My attempt failed in my opinion, and the creature that I created somewhat resembles Santa Claus has yet to be put outside for either Christmas or Halloween...
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Step 1: Get Inspired...

Picture of Get Inspired...
One December a few years ago, I was driving through Mount Dora, Florida looking at the nice Christmas decorations that the city puts up all over. As I was leaving, I passed by a house with a tall, but rather skinny Santa Claus figure on their front lawn. I rode by the house rather quickly, so I didn't get much time to study the prop or take a picture, but I knew I liked it. A few days later, I started constructing my own giant Santa prop of my own.

The prop I built is documented in this Instructable. A few years later, I was in Mount Dora once again around Christmas and happened to come across the prop that inspired me. This time I snapped a picture. It turned out that the Santa that I had built was a bit different from my inspiration...

Step 2: Santa's Skull

Picture of Santa's Skull
Santa Claus may be a magical old man, but he still has bones. That's why I started out by making Santa's skull...

When I built my first Witch for Halloween, I made several paper mache skulls to use in future projects. This was one of the future projects. Follow the first few steps on my Witch Instructable to make the skull, or be creative and use something else for the base of Santa's head.

Step 3: Build up Santa's Head

Picture of Build up Santa's Head
Using duct tape and crumpled newspaper, build up Santa's facial features over the skull.

I attached Santa's hat directly onto his head by making a cone out of newspaper and taping it to the top of the head.
ErikaJavert5 years ago
Actually, I think having Santa's face melt off in the rain would pretty much be the perfect finishing touch for a decoration that neighborhood kids would remember for the rest of their lives...
micromuffin6 years ago
bwpatton16 years ago
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse, the stockings were hung by the chimney with care. It was all soo perfect untill santas zombie doppleganger came with an assault rifle to rid the world of Christmas. There is my twisted version of "The Night before Christmas" Really, your project is cool!
That guy doesn't look like the assault rifle type, more like beat you with your severed arm type.
lol. That's a really good one
micromuffin6 years ago
u should put a speaker in it to say "im gonna skin u alive with a cheese grater" or "im gonna cut u up into little bits and feed u to my reindeer"
he has a turban lol. enforcing the bin ladin look
Gjdj36 years ago
He seems like something I would shoot at on call of duty 5. haha, but nice job. Really cool looking.
scafool6 years ago
Yup, it does look a bit like Good Old Zombie Santa. I say put him outside to amuse, puzzle and disturb your neighbours. If you feel a need to give his face a protective coat of paint, may I suggest a very pale green tint. Zombie Santa, Zombie Santa!!! Aarghh, Aarghh, Aarghh!!!
Demondavid6 years ago
I like "santa bin laden"
fwjs286 years ago
nightmare before
I like it... it looks like a cross between bin laden and santa claus... bin laden claus... dressed in that red tight suit that britney spears wore in that mars video she had...
canida6 years ago
He's definitely creepy. Maybe some glowing LED throwie eyes?