Awwwwww seed is 12647

Step 1: Run

Start on iland in house

Step 2: Hi?

See two herobrine one no skin one original

Step 3: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

You are having a dream and die that's all I hoe bye
<p>LAIR LAIR PANTS ON FIRE ps u spelt island wrong its island</p>
Didn't work 4 me
<p>that is not even mod it's photoshop</p>
It's probably modded. so its a trick
<p>that is not even mod it's photoshop</p>
Well he must of found it If he could take a photo!
<p>that is not even mod it's photoshop</p>
<p>fake fake fake!</p>
<p>that is not even mod it's photoshop</p>
<p>Lier you are a faker. You are using a mod!</p>
<p>that is not even mod it's photoshop</p>
<p>I like Lego</p>
<p>I have that same set.</p>
people probably joined him is that skin because I have had that skin before. oh! and it was on PC!
I mean I have had one of those skins but you can get them on the PC version
<p>@germanland dude ITS P.E bcs look at last one its the ... from p.e you seriously missed it!?</p>
Superzombe start is on maps for minecraft<br><br><br>
yep that too.<br>
And it A tek<br>
but it looks pretty cool
Didnt work
Quien abla espa&ntilde;ol?
Same house in your previous tutorial
Same with bill8188 that's where it spawned me
It didn't work !!!!!!!!!!! We all got scammed
nice trick,
Didn't work
Me either, was he possibly on kindle? I'm on iPod
Tryed it 2 it didn't work and spawned me here

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