Well I did this with my folks last halloween and it managed to scare 4 to 6 year olds from coming to our house. We're gonna improve it this year with leds but here I go.

Step 1: Materials

Materials neeeded for this project:
Chicken wire
An old grim reaper costume
A scary mask of some sort
Paper Mache (flour, water, and newspaper)
A friend
Something to cut the chicken wire.

How to make paper mache:
Mix water and flour in bowl then rip up some newspper and dip it in.
Voila paper mache.
This is pretty obvious. It's not even a real instructable because your leaving out how to get hom out of the chicken wire and how to make the paper mache.
I second that... and another proof for my theory that everybody who writes something in ALL CAPS is not worth enough a second to get read.
&quot;To get your friend out just take apart the back of the chicken wire where it meets. Let him out and and put the back together again.&quot;<br /> <br /> Does this not count?&nbsp;
also my friend wants me to put a freddy krueger costume on the statue
this year im going to build this instructable but a few changes 1. im going to put leatherface costume on it 2.put a speaker and hook up a microphone to it 3. put red and blue LED in the masks eye holes
This reminds me of a day I was in a Halloween store when I was twelve and there was this guy in a Michael Meyers costume, which I thought was a statue. When he put his hand on my shoulders he scared me shitless. I almsot pissed my pants too.
ha, last year some guy did that for Halloween and I think I gave him a concussion from punching him so hard.
i am doing one out of wood that i did last year and i scared some high school kids soooo badly it was the best thing i stood real still next to the statu and people thought i was fake then i would run after them... but i couldn't figure out how to "fill out" my satue
lol when i made one and my lil borther saw he kicked it and it broke
pu some red leds in the eye spots :P
My brother is so funny he is scared of every thing I could put this bed and he would not go inside the house a night for several weeks!!
Umm I can't get pictures of the building cause I made this a year ago. But i might make a new one this year or something else.
I don't suppose you could add a picture or two of making the chicken wire frame. otherwise, I think that this could be a great decoration if you light it with a strobe light.
Ok i changed some stuff. But what do you mean by "leaving out how to get hom out of chicken wire"
You never said how to get out of the chicken wire. I don't know how I got the word "hom" in there. . .

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