Scary Heads.





Introduction: Scary Heads.

In this instructable I will show how empty plastic milk cartons can be transformed into scary heads that sort of resemble totem pole figures.  Any size milk carton may be used as shown in the pictures.

Step 1: Remove Wrappers.

Remove wrappers and lids from the cartons and cut as low to the bottom as possible. We are removing the bottom of the carton, this will be to top of the head.  After the bottom has been cut off, we need to cut strips down from the top of the head to just above where you are going to draw eyes. Ideally, these strips need to be approximately 5mm wide. Longer strips may be cut around the sides and back of the head but still keep the 5mm width.

Step 2: Curling the Hair

To curl the hair, you need the scissors and your thumb.  Starting at the base of one of the "hairs", squeeze it between the scissors and your thumb.  Keeping the pressure with the scissors and thumb, pull the "hair" through.  This should produce a curl.  If the curl is not curly enough, do it again, if the curl is too tight, straighten it out with your fingers.  Do this to all the "hairs" and frizz them about abit by hand to get your desired look.  Then draw your eyes, nostrils and mouth on using marker pens.

Step 3: Finished Product.

These show the end result where I have screwed the lids to some wood so that the heads will stand up without falling over.



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Effectively eerie.

Nice! The big guy wants a nose ring ;)

I never thought about piercings while I was making them, I think I will experiment later with it. Thankyou for your comment.

I've never thought of doing this before! Wonderful idea :)