Picture of Scary Screaming Ghost
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Screaming ghost! EASY!

This is a super easy craft and so far I have loved the results. My technic is is to give it a good coat across the top and sides. Saturate the eye sockets but not too crazy. Getting the glue and fabric to stay in the eyes sockets is a trick. I used a wet wood end of a paint brush. It seemed to release better for me than my fingers. Truly super easy and fun. 

*UV Light required for optimum effect. 

Super cheap - cost to make $2-5 dollars depending if you already have a skull around

♥♥♥ Thanks for all the hearts ♥♥♥
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Step 1:

Picture of
Supplies needed:

empty 2 liter bottle
bottle of white glue
Water based glow in the dark paint- color of your choosing
gauze or any lightweight fabric
skull prop
plastic wrap

First step is to acquire a skull. I got this one from my husband...muhahaha

The foam skulls will work just as well. But if the eyes and nose aren't deep enough you may have to carve some out.

*** Creepy one eyed lady explained at end of tutorial***

Step 2:

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Second step- use plastic wrap to protect Bob from the glue. I used a spool to prop the mouth open. Make sure you leave extra plastic wrap so you can push it into the cavities of the skull for dimensions.

* you can coat the plastic wrap with petroleum jelly on the outside as a release if you don't want the effect of the plastic wrap. I kinda liked it, made it look more spooky to me. 

Step 3:

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Third step- put your fabric of choice over the skull. I used bloody gauze from the dollar store for this one. Any light weight fabric will work. If you are using something thicker than gauze I would use more glue in the mixture.

*** I tried a nylon sheer and that did not work at all. Tulle should work since it's lighter but I would stick with natural fabrics for better results***
Goodhart1 year ago
Very nice. And being more into electronics, I would add a digital recorder and some moans and screams for night time fun :-D
Stargazer0506 (author)  Goodhart1 year ago
Already working on an upgrade using dollar store led candle(minus the housing), some extra wires, two red leds. String some read lights in the eyes and tape the cr 2032 to the top. :-) MUHAHAHA
Stargazer0506 (author) 1 year ago
TY VM! The new old lady ghost creeps me out lol
DrRedu1 year ago
Rather styin' :)
Stargazer0506 (author) 1 year ago
TY! :-)
Very Nice
Stargazer0506 (author) 1 year ago
Thank you! Yes I use a lot of UV in my yard Halloween decor.
oldmicah1 year ago
That turned really well. Are you lighting it with a uv lamp?