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Introduction: Scavenger "Hide & Seek" Game for Dogs

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Learn how to do this game in just 55 entertaining seconds by watching the video ;)

I came up with this fun game for Comet the dog to play. It's a fun way to entertain with a simple challenge. Perhaps not for all dog (or human) personalities, but training Comet took only a few times before he understood the game which occupies him for at least 15 minutes.

It's pretty simple, but it will occupy your dog's time and engage their mind for a good long while.

Step 1: Watch the 55 Second Video

In under a minute, you'll learn how to play this game.

Step 2: Prepare Your Treats

I like to use a chicken jerky treat, cut into tiny pieces about roughly 1/4" square. You may also use individual kibble that your dog particularly enjoys. I like to have at least 20-40 pieces for this game.

Step 3: Hide the Treats

Begin with keeping your dog in one area, repeating your "STAY" command of choice. When you are first teaching this game to your dog, I recommend having your dog watch you hide the treats in the same room that he is in, while reinforcing the "STAY" command.

Begin with easy locations, increasing their difficulty with your dogs abilities. Always place them in safe accessible locations.

Step 4: Let Your Dog Begin the Hunt!

After such patient restraint from your pooch, give them the "Go Get 'Em" command of choice. When first teaching them, it can be helpful to point out the treats until they catch on. Before long, your dog will hopefully learn and love this game.

Comet the dog requests this game on a daily basis. I hope you and your dog(s) enjoy this fun and challenging game as much as we do!



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Aww. So cute! I will certainly try it!! Two thumbs up!

Thanks! :) A little patience at the beginning paid off nicely in not much time for Comet the Dog.

Dogs are awesome!