Scavenger Hunt in a Bottle





Introduction: Scavenger Hunt in a Bottle

The Bottle Scavenger Hunt is an easy and fun project that can be made with materials found around the house. The object of the game is to find the hidden objects which are camouflaged by the colored rice in a clear plastic bottle.

Step 1: Materials Needed

2 clear plastic bottles
4 cups of rice
1 package of food coloring
1 box cutter
4 zip lock bags (not in picture)
rubbing alcohol (not in picture)
glue gun
8-10 small objects

Step 2: Coloring the Rice

1. place one cup of rice in each zip lock bag
2. Add one full cap of rubbing alcohol to each bag
3. Add 3 drops of food coloring in each bag (one color in each bag)
4. Seal bag and shake well until all of the rice is dyed
5. Let sit for 1 hour and shake frequently
6. Empty rice onto flat pan, rake with a fork every few hours, leave overnight until dry
(note: do not be shy with the food coloring, the color will fade a little when dry)
7. When completely dry combine all colors in a bowls and mix evenly

Step 3: Selecting Small Objects

While gathering small objects make sure that they are small enough to fit through bottle opening. Make a list of all the treasures you will be hiding in the bottle so that your audience will know what they will be hunting for.

Step 4: Preparing the Water Bottle

1. Take all labels off both bottles
2. Make sure bottles are dry
3. With the box cutter cut one bottle in half to use as a funnel
4. Set aside one of the bottle caps to use at the end of the project

Step 5: Adding Rice and Objects to the Bottle

1. Use the funnel to add an inch of colored rice
2. Add 2 or 3 of your small objects
3. Add another inch of rice
4. Repeat process until you have added all of the objects
5. Make sure you leave an air gap in the neck of the bottle to allow the rice to move around, the bigger the air gap the easier the scavenger hunt will be.

Step 6: Glue Top On

Take the bottle cap you had set aside, use the glue gun to make a small ring of glue around inside edge of bottle cap.
screw back onto bottle and let dry for a few minutes.

Step 7: Happy Hunting!

You have now completed your scavenger hunt in a bottle. Shake and enjoy!



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Questions & Answers


I think this is a great idea. I am looking for baby shower games. I am going to use clear baby bottles, then the mom-to-be can take the bottles home.

This is great! Thank you so much!!

I am going to do it in my classroom and put objects in the bottle that have a certain vowel sound or beginning sound! My kids will love this! Thanks for the idea.

Yay, Got all the materials- So gunna try this. Thanks. :D

This is an awesome idea. One question though, why glue the cap on after? wouldn't that make it nearly impossible to open??

you do not want to open the bottle once you have put all your objects in. so you dont lose any thing.

I believe the point is to not open the bottle, and thus making it actually challenging. Otherwise you would just dump it open...and you're done. Now, if you wanted to get those things out again...that might be another story. =P

make one with metal objects and use a magnet to help 'find' them.

Fantastic.  Like magic. 

Um cool? I think they sell this... But good idea to make your own!