Picture of Scented Coffee Soap/ Javon con cafe y perfumaa=)
Coffee has many purposes and is actually very good for your skin as are most natural food products, so I added it to the soap making process. this is a very simple way to enjoy coffee in the shower!
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Step 1: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
Get your ingrediants

Coffee- My favorite brand pictured<3
Soap base
Something to melt the soap in that doesnt matter getting destroyed
A scent- I chose vanilla oil for moisture and great smell
Soap mold

Step 2:

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Take the amount you want and put it in your safe cup.  

Step 3:

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Melt soap, mine took 30 seconds be careful it boiled to the top

Step 4:

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Add your scent if desired. Use a few drops, the coffee will still overpower but your scent will background.

Step 5:

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Add your ground coffee and mix it all together

Step 6:

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Pour into your mould, fill to the top so your soap doesnt break when your using it, my mistake trying to make lots of bars.

Step 7:

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Let it dry, drink some coffee=)

Step 8:

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Now you have beautiful moisturizing coffee soap! Thanks for reading!
FlatLinerMEDIC (author) 3 years ago
use whatever is around, thats what i love about creating! Its not imperative what i used was a scent/oil from jo-anns so it would be moisturizing but use whatever youve got!
Jar Sqwuid3 years ago
Just wondering, is it imperative to use scent as opposed to essential oils or even vanilla extract?