For topping off the wrapping of a very special gift, make a one-of-a-kind bow with the added surprise of carrying an exotic designer scent!  Your recipient need never know that this lovely and festive gift bow was made out of junk ads  -- unless, of course, you want to gain big repurposing DIY cred by revealing this.

Materials: One fold-out paper perfume sampler advertising insert (the kind you rub on your wrist).
Tools needed: Scissors and a bit of scotch tape.

Step 1: Locate smelly perfume inserts in newspaper ads

Picture of Locate smelly perfume inserts in newspaper ads
The Sunday newspaper, especially around holidays, carries several pounds of glossy advertising inserts. Many of the department store flyers contain inserts for designer perfumes, the sort containing a scent sample you can unfold and rub on your wrist.

Choose one of these, preferably one with a strong yet pleasant aroma. (Or pick a particularly stinky ad if intended for a disliked co-worker whose name you drew in the office pool.)

kcli5 years ago
I like it and will certainly try it!
CrLz5 years ago
Thanks for the idea! My wife and I made a few to use as ~potpourri around the house.  A little manly cologne makes my socks smell soooo... much better.