Introduction: School Bag Cover 2.5

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Umbrellas and rain coats protect you from the rain, but your school bag is left exposed to the elements. This cheap and easy to use raincoat for your school bag will keep your homework dry.
- Paper clips
- A small plastic bag
- Rubber Bands
- Yarn

Step 1: Cover

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Tie the bag to the top strap of your school bag as shown.

Step 2: Rubberband Chain

Picture of Rubberband Chain

Create a chain of rubber bands as shown by the pictures. Then attach a paper clip to the a strap opposite to where the chain started.

Step 3: Storage Mode

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Follow the pictures to wrap the bag and tie it. If you did the knot correctly, the bag can be untied by pulling the yarn.

Step 4: Operation

1) Pull the yarn to untie the bag.
2) Unwrap the bag.
3) Use the rubber band chain to hold the bag down.
This can be done in 30 seconds without taking off your school bag.


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