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Ok, if you have a school-managed PC, laptop, whatever, you can use the file path C:/Windows/System32/catroot2/*The second folder (Really long name)* to run any .exe file needed. Most installers might not work with this, as they might want to install in program files. Although sometimes you can change the installation path to the magic folder. You're it department probably blocked .exes where you can change stuff. Like your Desktop! Many the area within the Windows folder are not editable by you. Except here. So get yourself the ProcessHacker binaries and use the power of the task manager to free yourself from further torment!

!!!! If you are a bit lazy, I've included a shortcut for download, should work !!!!


4804129573 (author)2017-12-16

I'm there but how do i run exe?

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-13


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