The semester’s work using Instructables represented a pilot program to use Instructables as a part of creating school-wide documentation for projects. The process effectively deployed multimedia storytelling, generating a strong set of finished Instructables. Several instructables were featured on the Instructables home page, which increased their visibility and, in one case, garnered more than 60,000 views. These features suggested that LLA teachers and students were generating the quality of work that met or exceeded the standards of a good Instructable. LLA students and teachers indicated that creating Instructables as part of student instruction and assessment was valuable, according to teacher surveys. Educator comments suggest that student comprehension, assessment, and the alignment of course content with Instructables project content were strong during the project period. Teachers said: “[Instructables was] a natural fit.” “Our class had a massive amount of possible content [for Instructables].” “I specifically had two students mention a stronger comprehension of class material as a result.” “I think their Instructables pages are excellent assessment pieces because the level of clarity with which they can explain something is a good indicator of mastery.”