Have you ever wanted to make fake scars, for lets say getting out of class or for a neat Halloween costume, but don't want to pay the 8-10 bucks a bottle for latex? Well, here is the solution, using only items found in a household or at school I created a fake scar that can pass for a real one from a distance of 5 or 6 feet away.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

For this Instructable, you will need a few toothpicks, a few q tips, some wax paper, colored pencils, a red pen, a red marker, and some rubber cement. You can start by placing a small <> shaped (ovular with pointed edges) don't be too neat because normal scars aren't.
I tried this last year, couldnt find any pva glue. couldnt be bothered going to the shop to buy some, decided to use hot glue instead, Big ow real scar.
you could also try: buying some white gum. chew the gum, spread it on skin, make a slit in the gum, apply black color in the slit and red color (color = makeup). there are instructables with that version.<br/>
put it on your face! Then what you can do is make up this really funny story on how you got this huge scab on your face!
in wood shop, me and my friends were hitting each other with metal rulers, idk i thought it was pretty fun
that wasnt random at all...<br />
Neither was that.<br />
lol. yea... whtv.<br />
O___O Hahaha thats wat my friend did to herself once! kind of. well i was holding a metal ruler and she likes to smack people and she went to smack me and i hit her with the rule at a reflex and ya so that was akward...
Dude thats epic im so going to scare my mom shes gonna freak.<br /> But how do i make it blend with my skin its not white its dark but not black (not trying to be racist) can u please help?
nice job! i made my mom cry, almost puke, and then she took me to the hospital... <em>then</em> i told her it was fake.<br/>
Thats mean.
i was kidding about the puke thing =)<br/>
5 stars BTW !
hah! that a true story?
i bet you got grounded for forever :D
Better then what me and my friends do to make fake blood. We take out a red pen pull out the ink.pull out the tip of the ink cartridge and then blow in the oppisite end of the tip to spew red bloody ink onto our hands. <sup>i just realized this is why i have no red pens at school ever</sup><br/>
NICE JOB MATE! Looks good, but i might make mine a little different shaped. It kinda looks like a woman's reproductive organ,
ya mean a va-j-j?
Yea, but i didn't want to say the real word and have my comment removed. :P
I had a very random day... that day i mean
Whatcha mean?
just udder randosity... no perticular thing really. more depressed than anything but.... yeah, have a great holiday season!
Thanks you too, I hope it's just the "winter blues". Good luck to ya man.
enhamrenfhalm... wrist not best idea. people think you are suicidal, go to guidance, make a fuss, and you get in serious trouble.... NOT GOOD
this is really cool, next time i will put this on my neck he he
lol that was random
sorry? i thought it was funny. <sup></sup><br/>
thnx,it would just be to scare some people
Not bad, but there are a few on Instructables that are <em>really</em> just <em>amazing.</em><br/>
yes, there are a few scar instructables that are amazing, but this is on a budget. liquid latex is more expensive than glue, and you cant find it everywhere.
lol not bad

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