School Survival Kit (Pocket Sized)


Introduction: School Survival Kit (Pocket Sized)

Have you ever had a situation at school were you wished you had something? Or you need a package of items to get you through the day? I know I have, so I made this! This pocket sized survival kit is a great basic school survival kit. If you wanted you could even remove some of these items and put in others. Personally I would have put in strips of gum, but I didn't have any on hand so O well. :)

Step 1: The Case

I used an altoids tin becuase it is light weight, pocket sized, and can still hold quite a lot of stuff.

Step 2: Money

First off I put in money because I like to buy snacks at lunch and sometimes I don't know when so BOOM! Problem solved.

Step 3: Gum

Next is gum. Almost everybody likes gum, and if you don't you could replace them with peppermints!

Step 4: School Supplies

A pencil... You know what that's for. And also stapples, becuase I had to wait ten minutes once just to get stapples for a project we had three days to work on. FYI: I never liked that teacher.

Step 5: Misc.

Toothpicks, pen but, rubber bands, and empty pen. Toothpicks have many uses, I have used the pen butt (Don't know what else to call it) for several things: hiding pen gun ammo. Rubber bands... Pen gun anyone? Pen, I think you know.

Step 6: Your Done!!!

Know that your finished you can bring it to school and be prepared for everything! Post a comment below of you modifacations. All comments are appreciated!



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    Another way to make a pen-gun is with a ballpoint pen. Unscrew the top and pull the ink tunnel down. The spring will make it launch quite far.

    I did a whole bunch of stick gum and a bb pen gun for self defense

    Just want to say, I love the idea but you shouldn't take gum to school.

    I would use that! Thanks!

    Very cool. I would recommend adding some other smal things like push pins but all in all very cool.

    This is so cute and cool

    This is my first instructable so please don't hate.