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I am a 4th grade teacher. A team of my students designed and built this school tool table organizers for one of our classroom tables.

Step 1:

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  • First drill 2 holes in the end of each floppy disk that does not already have square holes.
  • Put 3 disks end to end and line up the holes.
  • Attach loosely with zip ties
  • Take a 4th disk and place it side to side with one of the end disks as shown in the picture.
  • Attach with zip ties.

Step 2:

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  • Put a disk on the side of a base disk standing up
  • Attach 4 disks to a base disk with zip ties to make a cube
  • Zip tie tops together.

Step 3:

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  • Make 3 more cubes
  • Zip tie to the base first and then zip tie tops together

Step 4:

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  • Tighten zip ties and cut extra ends!


pokemon9 (author)2016-10-03

you guys did amazing!

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